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One Question. Edit

So when exactly do you think this game will be out? Peekaxe (talk) 01:13, April 21, 2014 (UTC)

It's time for me to say once and for all.

As you can see in my "Wikia" you can see that it's all archived (.HGQI, .05, etc.), since this is all part of my life.

I may explain this all in a project i'll be making soon when i get the chance to, due to the fact of being born on the 86th of the Human Development Index for all these years i faced depression, i started creating my own world at a point where i quit reality, this Wikia tries to collect all of them i can remember of (Comics, Games, etc.), most of them i took like a week to draw them and sold them, i lived in this "reality" so much at a point i had to create archives to organize them.

The game was ready to be programmed, however, Ken Silverman (you got it right, the guy who made the Duke Nukem 3D Engine) refused my offer to work with him either because he appeared to think i was joking, or he did not liked the game (you need legal authorization from him/his dev team to use the Build Engine, or else, a juicy lawsuit is made).

After this, i had the idea to either use the GZDoom Engine, or Zdoom, or simply the Classical Doom Engine, which is in public domain (not really, but literally speaking), i tried to start it from the scratch but i got so effin sad after he refused to work with me i literally stopped finishing the "game", i was already in trouble at school and in my life while making the game without a dev team, after this happend, i started going to dozens and dozens of doctors and psychologists, and also started calling CVV (equivalent to depression hotlines).

For the answer you're looking for is, not sure.

As of late 2012, i had an idea that would make me stop being sad forever, i am now trying to make a brand new (big) project which i will talk about soon (will even create a new wikia for it), not to get rid of my sadness but to chase my dreams and to show the world what i felt during all these years of fear, since i talked about it to


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